Inspection Services

UGAS LLC offers a wide range of fully integrated inspection services backed up by highly professional staff in the following main areas:

In addition UGAS provides following services:


Major types of UGAS inspection services

In addition UGAS LLC provides following services:

  • Pre-shipment surveys
  • Marine surveys
  • Container surveys
  • Damage surveys

Major types of UGAS inspection services include:

  1. Inspection of wagons / rail tank cars  for cleanliness, integrity, tightness of all hatchcovers to prevent leakage of the cargo during transportation.
  2. Witness control of weighbridge operations.
  3. Sealing of  wagons / rail tank cars / vessel holds / vessel tanks.
  4. Inspection of the vessel’s holds / tanks before loading for cleanliness and suitability to carry  intended cargo.
  5. Inspection of the vessel’s hatchcovers  for  watertightness.
  6. Determination of cargo quantity at the storage by mine surveyor.
  7. Draft Survey (initial, intermediate, final).
  8. Tally.
  9. Ullage measurements in the shore tanks.
  10. Ullage measurements in the cargo tanks of the vessel.
  11. Visual inspection of cargo condition at the storage, during loading  or discharge.
  12. Representative sampling at the storage, during loading or discharge.
  13. Analyses of the withdrawn samples according to the standards  specified by the Client.
  14. Review of the manufacturer’s certificates, railway bills, port acceptance acts  issued for the inspected lots of cargo.
  15. Continuous supervision of  all cargo handling operations.
  16. Hull and machinery damage survey.
  17. On-hire / off-hire survey , bunker survey.
  18. Container survey, stuffing control.
  19. Photos (digital or paper) of the wagons / rail tank cars, vessel, cargo condition, loading operations, damages.
  20. Daily reporting to the Client.
  21. Twenty-four-hour detailed reporting to the Client on any irregularities / discrepancies affecting quality or quantity of cargo.
  22. Issuance of Final Report or Certificates.

Additionally, UGAS offers consultancy services to assist Clients on methods concerning material handling, weighing, transportation, sampling and analysis.

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